The future of VR is Open — HDK2 review

Virtual Reality is the biggest new venture in computing with the long awaited release of consumer VR headsets last year. The big names in VR at the moment are the VIVE, Oculus RIFT and PlayStation VR. These consumer headsets are remarkably expensive for first generation tech and being an early adopter is a big gamble when the direction of VR may change dramatically in the next few years. Platform and exclusivity wars are an additional hinderance for VR with Oculus or PSVR the culprits so far. Not all is doom and gloom however as there is a OpenVR standard for VR development called OSVR. Open standards for VR development are what will make VR flourish as content is not restricted to a given headset. Here we review an alternative HMD that is not constrained to platform or modification rules, keep reading for the what, how and why you should be considering the OSVR HDK2!
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Check out my PC gaming rig! (2016)

I have always been a PC gamer at heart, console ‘peasants’ will never know what they are missing.
Cheaper & more variety of games, mods, better graphics, higher refresh rates, and of course the mouse & keyboard. Check out my rig below.
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