This is why you should try the new Steam Controller

The Steam Controller is a bold departure from traditional game pads and has been the centre of fierce debate. Console gamepads have barely changed over the last 10 years and the choice you have is only the Xbox or PS shape. Gamepads have always been limited in comparison to mouse and keyboard for speed, accuracy & key mapping options. There will however always be a market for gamepads as they are more convenient when playing in the lounge and more comfortable to use for particular games. PC gamers, keep on reading!
Steam Controller box unboxing
Steam Controller has arrived! Getting ready to unbox.

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Valve have put a lot of effort into making an entirely new gamepad for the hard to please PC gamers. Games that are traditionally PC favourites are FPS (First Person Shooters) & RTS (Real Time Strategy) games which are punishing when you cannot aim fast or accurately enough. The new Steam Controller is closer to a mouse than any other gamepad to date, it uses trackpads that allow you to swipe to move quickly and gesture for fine control. There are many games such as City Skylines that you could not imagine playing using a gamepad, but the Steam Controller has brought these games to life.
Steam Controller hands on
The Steam Controller is very different design that breaks convention.

The controller features two paddles on the back that allow you to map important game commands such as reloading your gun. This means there is no need to take your fingers off the trackpad and focus on the game the whole time. Controller mapping is very easy as multiple default controller types are offered in every game, in many cases there also an official controller map or community made map to use instead.
Steam Controller Big Picture Witcher 3
The Steam Controller works best with the Steam Big Picture mode.

The Steam Big Picture mode is naturally the best way to make use of your controller but it is not required. Pressing the Steam button brings up Big Picture mode and you can jump through the menus into a game very easily. This mode is very useful for playing on a TV without mouse & keyboard to hand. The controller can be used either wired or wireless, there is no input lag that I have felt in my time using the wireless mode which is great.

Games that I personally love using the Steam Controller with are Rocket League, Portal 2 & Witcher 3. All of which greatly utilise the two trackpads. I have even tried Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for a laugh and surprisingly I got quite a few kills which shows it is defiantly more intuitive than an Xbox controller. Whether the Steam Controller will be ever get a market share significant enough for games to be made exclusively for it I do doubt, the Steam Controller however is a great option to play any type of game you thrust at it.

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