Great ideas for personalising your Mac

I can confirm by experience that the saying ‘once you go mac you never go back’ is true. Customisation of a Mac is a way for you to apply a bit of creativity and make your Mac your own. If you are out of ideas for a gift Mac accessories are also perfect for an Apple Mac fan. Here is a short list of great ways to customise or personalise a Mac:

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1. MacBook shell decals / stickers
Stickers that affix to the back on the MacBook shell, decals are easily removable.
So you bought your Mac to show it off did you? Decals are removable stickers that can be fixed to the back shell of a Macbook Air or Pro. These stickers are one use only, if you take it off they won’t stick back on.
Macbook Shell Logo Decal Retro Rainbow

2. tabtag - Glowing MacBook decals
tabtag are glowing decals for MacBook that are reusable!
Most MacBook decals are stickers that are cheaply made and one use only. If you need to take the decal off, that’s it, £10 down the drain. Tabtag take a different approach, these decals are quality colour filtering plastic that are carefully designed to be reusable!
Tagtag - Macbook reusable decal

3. Macbook Keyboard decals / stickers
Stickers that affix to the keyboard of your Macbook, decals are easily removable.
Another way to customise your Mac and keep it clean is by using keyboard stickers. They dramatically change the appearance of your Mac and it reflects your personality.
Customised macbook keyboard decal stickers

4. Twelve South MacBook Surface scratch protector
A removable leather pad that affixes to your Macbook to protect from scratches.
If you wear a watch or bracelet, or simply careless with your USB pen or keys like me, it can be easy to scratch your Macbook whilst typing. It might be wise to invest in a cheap protector such as SurfacePad, it is a thin leather pad that affixes to your MacBook available in multiple colours. Be aware some cheap pads can slightly impede closing your MacBook but they close far enough to get into sleep mode.
Macbook Scratch Protector SurfacePad

5. Macbook Snap-on Shell
A plastic shell that provides physical protection to your Mac & a splash of colour.
Macbook shells are an easy way to provide protection for your Mac from bumps and scratches. Shells are normally quick and convenient to put on or take and are useful especially if you take your Macbook out of the house to school, uni or work regularly. Spend some time to find a colour and design that reflects your personality.
Macbook Snap on Shell GYMLE

6. Coodio Macbook Soft Case
Soft cases are great for lightweight protection to carry around or fit in your existing bag
If you decide not to get a Shell a soft case is great for peace of mind out side of the house. The cases are spongy for protecting from impaction. A soft case is also lightweight and thin for slipping it into your school or work bag.
Coodio Macbook soft case

7. JAMMYLIZARD Macbook Leather case
Leathers cases for the business style and protection for your Mac
Soft cases are great but not for everyone, if you want to splash the cash and get a leather case you will not regret it.
Jammy Lizard Leather Macbook case

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