Misfit Shine - A unique fitness & sleep monitor with a minimalist design

With the explosion of fitness wearable's in the last two years it's hard to actually choose one with multiple manufacturers and models available. The vast majority of smart watches have been gimmicky poor quality Kickstarter projects or models that are now discontinued (Even Nike has stopped making their FuelBand!). Now the smart watch market is started to mature, a new fitness monitor has caught my interest, check out my review of the Misfit Shine.

The Misfit Shine is a small and lightweight fitness & sleep tracker that can be worn on your wrist or anywhere else you can attach it to. The tracker itself is a sleek diamond cut Aluminium watch face that has no visible LEDs unless activated. It looks and feels like a premium device and is smart enough to wear at work as well as home.
Misfit Shine Unboxing
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The Shine is powered by a single lithium coin battery (included) and has a very impressive battery life of up to 6 months (New batteries can be bought from any Supermarket for < £1). This importantly means no charging ever! When competitor devices such as the Apple Watch required a charge every day the Misfit Shine clearly excels. Having previously owning a Nike Fuelband the part I hated was having gaps in my fitness data because the battery had died.

Misfit's attention to design fantastic; small things like the Shine being held in the box magnetically even makes the unboxing feel premium even before you put it on.
Misfit Shine Unboxing 2
You can wear the Shine in multiple ways, included is a Sports Band for wearing the Shine on your wrist as a watch and a Clasp for attaching to your clothes or shoes. Other add-on's include Necklaces, Leather bands and sports socks, all of which give accurate fitness information as long as you select how you are wearing the Shine in the app. The Shine itself is available in 10 different colours, the Sports Band also comes in 9 colours so there is plenty to chose from and make it your own.
Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker Band
The Aluminium case is flush and opens only with the included tool. This means it's completely water tight and has a workable depth of 50 metres. Unlike almost all fitness watches you don't need to take the Shine off, get in the bath with it, do the washing up, go swimming, the Shine is completely water proof! The fitness band has also been designed with water in mind, I have been swimming twice a week and showering daily wearing it for a month now and my Shine still looks brand new.
Misfit Shine BlueTooth 2.0 Sync app iPhone
A phone is essential for the phone to pair with, supported devices are iOS devices with 6.1.3 or later (iPhone 4S and later), Android phones with 4.3 (Jelly Bean), or Windows Phone 8.1, the phone must have Bluetooth 4.0. I found setting up the Misfit Shine was extremely easy and I personally have had no problems with companion app or Bluetooth 4.0 Pairing (using an iPhone 4S). Download the Misfit app from the App Store and follow the on screen instructions placing the Shine on the screen for pairing. I advise to keep the app Notifications enabled, a handy feature is the notification reminder to sync your device after 5 days, I'm not sure how many days/worth of data the device can hold data before pairing but it can definitely hold more than 5 days.

So what does the Shine actually track? To summarise:
  • Distance (km or mile)
  • Calories
  • Steps
  • Activity (Rate of activity, type of activity)
  • Sleep (Time, awake, light, restful)
  • Weight (Input only)

Misfit Shine Watch & Tracker
Unlike many fitness devices, with the Shine you don't have to remember to activate the device when you are about to do a particular activity, just go on the app at some point afterwards and tag the session that has automatically been made. Currently supported tags for activities are Walking, Running, Tennis, Football (Soccer), Basketball, Cycling and Swimming. I'm quite sure tagging a Badminton session as tennis won't make much difference in the grand scheme of things, after all the device is only an estimate for activity. Being able to track swimming makes the Shine stand out from other trackers, unfortunately I feel the swimming tracking is a bit limited as you cannot tag strokes that will make a huge difference. A missing feature I have noticed is that the app cannot compare past sessions, this would be useful for checking performance from the previous week or average. The Social tabs are great I bet for competing with friends, however if you are like me and no one you know owns a Misfit device, then you are stuck comparing the global average. Syncing is very fast on the app about 2-3 seconds is all that is needed before you can flick through your updated stats.

I mentioned before that the Misfit Shine can also tell the time. By tapping with two fingers twice on the metallic face brings up a minimalist clock face with up to 3 dots that indicate the time. If you don't mind telling the time to the closest 5 minutes, with the risk of getting to a meeting 5mins before or late, then this is for you! As I'm the sort of person that has always used a mobile phone to tell the time and would never wear a normal watch, importantly it doesn't look or feel like you are wearing a watch! The dim light is 12, bright light is hour, flashing light is the minute hand. The LEDs are very impressive at night; they can be read easily during the day as well but it's poor in bright sunlight.

As you can imagine, the more you wear your Shine the more interesting the data becomes. Your data can also update in Apple Health app. Here are screenshots of my data after owning the Misfit Shine for a month now:

Misfit Shine iOS app daily tracker Misfit Shine iOS app daily tracker

Misfit Shine iOS app week tracker Misfit Shine iOS app week tracker

Misfit Shine iOS app sleep tracker Misfit Shine iOS app sleep tracker 2
Looking back at my data the peak of 3233 points was when I was on holiday, the Misfit app tracked that I walked on average 6 miles every day on holiday! The Sleep Tracker unfortunately keeps track of my lie-in's and when I have to get up for work at 6.30am! Thinking back now I don't know why I didn't a Misfit Shine sooner!
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