Logitech G303 - All-purpose optical gaming mouse with 12K DPI & RGB lighting

The G303 Daedalus Apex is the flagship wired gaming mouse from Logitech G. It is a sleek lightweight mouse in a matte black colour with beautiful RGB lighting. The G303 specs are impressive with an optical sensor DPI range between 200 and 12K with a polling rate of 1000hz which puts it ahead of competitor mice including the Deathadder with 10K DPI. I expect no gamer will ever need 12K DPI but why not push the boundaries regardless? The G303 features 6 programmable buttons, left and right click, scroll wheel, DPI button behind scroll wheel and two side buttons. The side buttons are really convenient for using ingame voice chat or assigning important Macros to them. The mouse shape is asymmetrical, but the side buttons are not, it should be noted the G303 may not be suitable for lefties.
Logitech G303 - Box Packaging unboxing
The G303 has arrived! Ready to unbox.

The G303 is packaged beautifully with a 2 years manufacturer warranty and a concise instruction sheet directing you to the Logitech site to download the optional software (I recommend getting it!). I initially found the mouse shape to be quite strange to what I was used to. I would describe the mouse as fairly small with a high bridge that requires a claw-grip. If you get on with the shape, then there should be nothing to worry about as the specs of the mouse are fantastic. I suggest getting your hands on one to try first if you can but rest assured the shape is not out of the ordinary like the MadCatz RAT.

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Logitech G303 - Gaming Mouse Review
16.8 million RGB colours to choose from. More impressive at night!

The G303 worked great straight out of the box with default drivers and no additional software. The mouse clicks felt fast and responsive and I particularly liked the rugged mouse wheel design. If you want to take full advantage of the customisable RGB lighting and DPI settings then you will need the free Logitech Gaming Software. Customise the lighting of the G303 with 16.8 million RGB colours, brightness options & lighting effects (Breathing & Colour Cycling). The software displays Heatmaps of the frequency of clicks for checking on your game performance. An optional feature is to pair your mouse with the free Arx Control iPhone app to change settings on your phone instead for convenience whilst ingame. A particularly great feature is the option to save up to 3 profiles on the mouse itself using on-board memory for taking your profiles with you between computers & when attending LAN tournaments.
Logitech G303 - Size Shape claw grip
The G303 requires a claw-like grip that is tiring during long gaming sessions.

DPI settings

The customisable DPI button behind the mouse wheel is very useful for quickly changing DPI on the fly. Each of the DPI tiers can be customised to a specific DPI level using the Logitech software which is great for saving game specific DPIs. The DPI levels chosen are personal preference and should be based on a balance of mouse accuracy with speed. Whilst on the desktop I personally use a DPI of 1000 which to me feels accurate and natural for browsing the net or loading games. A guide to DPI settings based on Professional gamers are below, the number 1 rule is to ensure Mouse Acceleration is turned off in Windows Settings:

CS:GO DPI settings

Professional CS:GO player DPI settings are well documented with 8 pro players on this list who are currently using the G303 (Nov 2015). Most players use DPI between 400-500 (Ingame sensitivity 2.0-3.0, Windows sensitivity 6), with a few pros up as high as 800. A low DPI is essential for accurate and smooth aiming. If you are using DPI over 1000 in CS:GO I would definitely recommend winding it down and getting used to DPI less than 1000.

400-500 DPI @ 2.0-3.0 in game sensitivity @ 6.0 Windows sensitivity

DOTA DPI settings

DOTA is a RTS style game that requires faster mouse movement than a FPS. You should play around with DPI settings to ensure you can move your cursor accurately. There is no definitive resource on pro DOTA players DPI unfortunately, there is a lot more variety in DOTA DPI levels with many in the range of 400 to 2000.

400 to 2000 DPI @ 6.0 Windows sensitivity

Logitech G303 - Lighting RGB
The feet are very smooth across soft & hard mouse mats alike.


Macro's require setting up initially but can save valuable time and significantly improve your performance ingame. Use them to automate actions that otherwise require multiple mouse and/or keyboard presses with a single mouse side button press. Check out my most useful ones below:

DOTA Macros

DOTA macros are more important than ones for CS:GO, they allow you to execute many keyboard commands with a single press. Some of these can be considered 'cheating' such as Invoker or Meepo binds. The one I use however are simple Courier deliver & burst speed macros and bottle crowing macros. Use the Logitech Gaming Software to record the macro without recording the delays.

Courier items & speed boost:

"F3" "F6"

Bottle crowing:

"Shift" "Q" "D" "R" "F" "Shift" "F1"

CS:GO Macros

Buy scripts are incredibly useful for buying your favourite loadout with a single press allowing plenty of time before the round starts. To set them up you will need to type the script in the game Console (~) assigning them to the side mouse buttons. I personally use the first side button as ingame voice chat, and the other button as a buy script for M4/AK47 (CT/T) with head armour, 2x flash bangs, grenade and a smoke. Open the console and type the following line in:

bind "mouse4" "buy ak47; buy m4a1; buy glock; buy hkp2000; buy vesthelm; buy flashbang; buy flashbang; buy hegrenade; buy smokegrenade;"

To make your own bind scripts go to http://csgobuynds.com.

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