Logitech C922 - 60fps webcam designed for streamers with background removal

A webcam is a pretty essential peripheral in a PC setup. From Skype calls to video recording or streaming on Twitch, a good quality webcam is worth buying as it can get daily use.
Logitech have released their brand new webcam, the Logitech C922, which is the successor to the highly regarded C920. The C922 comes with new features such as 1080p recording, the ability to record at 60 frames per second (fps) recording at 720p and there is an optional background removal green screen effect without having a green screen! The good news is that there are no hard PC requirements for using the C922, it is compatible with both Windows & Mac, the background removal is windows 7 or later only at present. The 60 fps recording makes a world of difference it may make streamers upgrade for that feature alone.

Also included with the C922 webcam is a tabletop tripod with a swivel mount which is great for additional options of where to have the camera mounted. There is also a built in monitor mount clip that is perfect most situations.
A sweetener for anyone interested in streaming is the bundled Three Month XSplit Premium License, giving you complete access to the enhanced features of both XSplit Broadcaster and XSplit Gamecaster. You can still use XSplit free or Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) with ChromaCam if you prefer. It is worth mentioning that Geforce experience is plug and play streaming/recording for Nvidia card users however there is currently no option for selecting ChromaCam for background removal.
DSC01930 2
C922 unboxing & free included tripod

The different capture options are:
Full HD 1080p at 30 fps
720p at 60 fps
1080p 30 frames per second with background removal
C922 1080p
C922 1080p without background removal

The background removal feature can either be seen as a key feature or an optional gimmick. Logitech have partnered with Personify ChromaCam for third party software that provides a virtual green screen. I found the background removal to be very good, certainly not perfect, but when you have a game in the background the small bits of noise are barely noticeable. Even in low light I still think the background removal is good enough to keep on, not as good as in bright light, but certainly not worth worrying about. It is a very trouble free 'green screen' without the actual green screen, perfect for most streamers/YouTubers that do not want the hassle. When configuring settings in XSplit or OBS there are two options for webcam, either select C922 for the webcam without background removal or select ChromaCam for background removal it is that easy. If you run the Personify ChromaCam software in the background you can also add optional custom backdrops to your image. Again background removal is entirely optional the better specs for the C922 are still worth buying over the C920.
C922 ChromaCam
Example of using ChromaCam - overall clean removal but has issues with headphones

Setup was very easy for both PC and Mac. After plugging in for the first time for PC the drivers were automatically installed. There was a prompt to install ChromaCam which is the partnered 3rd party software for the optional background removal feature. With the Mac there were no drivers needed to work with an optional Logitech Camera Software found in the Mac App Store. ChromaCam is currently a windows only feature sorry Mac users!
C922 PC driver setup
For the beginner streamer here are two links for resources for making your own Twitch panel & overlay to use with XSplit, OBS or Geforce Experience. http://nerdordie.com/free-resources/customizable-twitch-panels/. http://nerdordie.com/free-resources/customize-your-twitch-overlay/. The C922 and ChromaCam is fully compatible with both XSplit and OBS. If you use Geforce Experience for plug and play streaming then there is currently no option to switch to ChromaCam.

Computer power & performance should be carefully considered when using the background removal feature. I have an old i7 cpu (5+ years old) and the background removal used 90% CPU when streaming using the x264 encoder (CPU encoder). Since I have a Nvidia MSI 970 graphics card I then changed the stream settings to NVENC encoder (GPU encoder) and then I found it ran perfectly. Logitech have stated that ChromaCam system usage depends on the background it is actively removing. A clean background with a bright light on the subject would be better than a busy background at night for example. Logitech have also stated that ChromaCam will be updated regularly with an update expected by end of the month addressing some performance issues.
C922 ChromaCam desktop
Background removal also very useful for desktop tutorial videos on YouTube

Overall I was very impressed with the Logitech C922 webcam. If you are looking for a high performance webcam then the C922 is fully capable of 1080p@30fps or 720p@60fps and is a worthy upgrade over the C920. The ChromaCam background removal is entirely optional and I personally think it is very good considering you get a pretty good 'green screen' effect without setting up an actual green screen.

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