Logic3 TopDrive - A cheap midrange wheel for Project Cars

With the release of Project Cars there has been a strong resurgence in interest for PC Steering Wheels. If you check out the Project Cars 'Beyond Reality' page you can check an extensive list of officially support wheels, these wheels however will easily set you back £150 - £450. The good news is Project Cars can support custom wheels as well which means you can actually choose any manufacturer. Keep reading for my review of the Logic3 TopDrive Wireless RF (3-in-1) Steering Wheel in Project Cars (PC)!
Logic3 TopDrive steering wheel unboxing
The Logic3 TopDrive is a 3-in-one steering wheel for PC & PlayStation, the wheel unit has the gear stick attached to the base with a separate pedal board (accelerator & brake). Compared to the majority of PC steering wheels available the TopDrive is very reasonably priced and is among the cheapest force feedback wheels around.

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The wheel itself is a 10-inch plastic wheel with rubberised grip, it is surprisingly comfortable to hold and the is more than adequate for single handed driving when changing gears. The wheel can turn 900 degrees which makes it perfect for race simulator games. The wheel also has Force Feedback which makes the wheel vibrate like you really are driving. The wheel itself is wireless and connects to the included wireless dongle. In my opinion the wireless option is great for consoles or racing seat setups but is not ideal for standard PC setups. It would have been more convenient having the option for wired or wireless connection to the PC.

The Gear Stick is a simplistic design that clicks either forwards or backwards for single gear changes up or down. It is perfect for a midrange wheel as manual gear control is much more fun than playing automatic. For race-sim enthusiasts however a full gear stick is more authentic and may be worth upgrading to instead.
Logic3 TopDrive steering wheel.jpeg
The pedal board features a brake and accelerator and connects to the steering wheel by a single cable. The pedals are plastic yet feel comfortable and responsive to varying pressure. Overall the pedals are great for a midrange wheel, if you are after pure realism however a metal pedal board with a clutch is the way to go.
Logic3 TopDrive pedals
The TopDrive wheel setup was incredibly easy; follow the written steps below or watch video. First of all, install the firmware either from the included firmware CD or download it from the Logic3 website. Once installed go to the Windows Search and type in 'Game Controllers' and bring up the control page. From there you can calibrate the wheel as you wish, the default settings should be fine, and then you are ready to load up Project Cars!

The TopDrive wheel also requires setup and calibration within Project Cars; the wheel is not an Officially supported wheel but it works regardless when you select 'Microsoft Sidewinder ForceFeedback Wheel' in the Settings. Press 'Wheel Calibration' and follow the instructions turning the wheel as displayed. The one problem you may bump into is that the Pedals will not calibrate initially, this is because you may need to go to 'Edit Assignments' and map accelerate & brake to the correct pedals first. ForceFeedback calibration is entirely optional, I would advise however to make sure deadzones are set to 0 so the wheel is responsive to subtle steering.

Once calibrated jump into a 'Free race' and play! I was very surprised at how good the default calibration felt with the responsive force feedback on the road. If can spend more time to find the perfect personal calibration setup, it's entirely up to you. Overall I would definitely recommend the TopDrive as an affordable midrange wheel for Project Cars, if you are a race-sim enthusiast however I expect the plastic & arcade style may not cut it.

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