iPad stylus Bamboo vs Adonit? Each to their own

In order to use an iPad creatively there is increasing demand for iPad styluses - drawing with a finger is limiting! A stylus can dramatically improve your drawing ability or make note taking much quicker and more fun on an iPad. Here is a comparison of the best reviewed iPad styluses, featuring styluses with a without palm-rejection.

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1. Wacom Bamboo Stylus Solo 1 stylus (the thick-nibbed option for only £6.99)

This is a popular and inexpensive brand of stylus. If you expect to casually use an iPad stylus then the Bamboo stylus is ideal for comfortable ease of use. The design may take a while to get used to as it has a thick end but it is surprisingly effective. Maybe not for the professional graphics designers but great for scribbling notes and drawing more effectively than using a finger. If you are interested in Bamboo’s palm rejection stylus check out the Wamcom Intuos Creative Stylus 2.

2. Adonit Jot Pro Fine Point stylus (for fine drawing & natural note taking)

This iPad stylus has a more traditional design with a thin nib. More effective for fine drawing but take care as it has been reported that it can scratch your screen! For the power user I would recommend the Adonit stylus for fast note taking and drawing. Adonit also have a palm rejection stylus called Adonit Jot Touch stylus with Pixelpoint.

3. Pencil by 53 (a unique palm rejection stylus)

I did call this article Bamboo vs Adnonit, but also worthy of note is Pencil by 53. Pencil is a thick nibbed palm rejection stylus that pairs with your iPad in seconds by Low-energy Bluetooth 4 (From iPad 3 and later). The main limitation of normal styluses is that you cannot draw naturally as your hand cannot rest on the screen at the same time. Pencil only has palm rejection with it’s own app however, Paper by 53, which means it’s a ‘dumb’ stylus when used with any other app.
pencil 53

4. Apple Pencil (The official stylus for iPad Pro)

The new addition to the line up is the official Apple Stylus. This stylus offers improved sensitivity and accuracy over all other styluses because of the deep integration with the iPad Pro. If you have an older iPad the Apple Stylus is not recommended as it would effectively be an expensive dumb stylus.

You will also need good quality apps to accompany your new stylus for drawing and note taking. Check out them bellow.
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