Essential Mac OSX El Capitain apps for new users

If you have recently taken the leap from PC to Mac, or you are a Mac veteran looking for fresh apps to try, here is an essential list of apps you should seriously consider getting first.

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1. Get a free .RAR extractor called StuffIt Expander

OS X has built in Archive Utility but it is limited to .zip files
Stuffit Expander is a free app that is both quick and easy to use. Either double click the .RAR file you need to open, or drag it over to the StuffIt Expander. This app does not have capabilities to make .RAR files however, Archive Utility can still make .zip’s for you.

2. Use Pixelmator as your replacement for Adobe Photoshop

Pixelmator is an image editing app that fully embraces the best of OS X
Each Mac has the default Photos app (iPhoto) that allows you to edit photos easily but you are rather limited to colour editing and brushing up photos. If you are looking for an all in one image editing app you should look no further than Pixelmator. With advanced photo editing tools that far surpass Photos app, also with built in vector and drawing modes there really isn’t another app you need.
Pixelmator Mac App Store Adobe photoshop replacement

3. VLC to satisfy you video needs for free

Quicktime is a great and clean video app... if the file type is correct
VLC is the best video & music player, simply because it will load any media file you throw at it. The Mac OS X version of VLC has well optimised and should be on every computer!

4. Hide, password & encrypt your files with Hider 2 - MacPaw

You can never be too careful with your sensitive data, Hider 2 makes it easy to take control
Whether you have a sensitive documents, secret photos or a files with saved passwords inside, there is always the danger of these getting found. Hider 2 password locks folders and files securely with AES 256 bit protection and prevents files cropping up in Spotlight searches.

5. Prevent screen dimming & sleeping with 1 click using the free app Caffeine

A quirky menubar app that is the easiest way to turn on or off wake mode
Caffeine is the first Mac App Store app I downloaded and it is easy to forget it is not a core app in OS X. Caffeine lives in the menubar and simply changes icon to a full cup of coffee when your Mac will not sleep or dim, easy!

6. Batch convert music files for free with MediaHuman audio converter

Supporting lots of file extensions, convert all the songs you have with this free app
There are many media convertors on the Mac App Store but they are either limited or paid for. MediaHuman is a full package convertor that your can find on the web that is entirely free.
Media Human - Batch covert music
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