CyberGhost 5 - Easy & secure VPN (Free & Premium tiers)

With increasing concern about privacy and security on the internet it is worth investigating ways of staying protected. One such method is to use a VPN that encrypts outbound data and sends it to a secure server, the server then returns data requested securely through the same tunnel. Keep reading to find out how easy it is to set up a VPN on a Mac for free.

Getting a VPN up and running on a Mac does sound daunting, however it really is not the case. CyberGhost 5 is a standalone Mac VPN app that encrypts all data sent from the Mac. With no additional setup the VPN works with all existing apps that you can use including Safari, Chrome, uTorrent & many more. Importantly CyberGhost does not log any activity, this means that if the VPN company is requested information they can provide none.
Cyberghost 5 Free Mac VPN servers
Cyberghost has a Free and Premium tier, I would definitely recommend trying the free version first to give it a spin, then decide on Premium later. The Free tier is very generous, you are allowed unlimited time & able to download Torrents. You will have to reconnect after an hour period to resume as it ensures the servers are not being hogged by free users. The Free tier has a short wait time before connecting which normally takes a minute or two. You have access to a short list of servers across multiple countries at a limited speed.
Cyberghost Mac VPN free interface
After a few sessions on the Free tier going Premium may take your fancy for added speed and server options. Enjoy instant access to the VPN server and access to Premium servers. There is no time limit so no disconnects. There is also a more expansive list of countries to simulate your IP from so it is worth checking if you need to buy a game from a Mexico store for example. Check out my video at the bottom of the page.
Cyberghost Mac VPN Premium Servers

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