Clean My Mac 3 - Save space & maintain your Mac

A new version of MacPaw’s popular OSX Mac cleaning software has been released, CleanMyMac 3 is used to clean, provide maintenance and monitor the health of your Mac. Version 3 of Clean My Mac sports a new beautiful Yosemite influenced UI, reclaims more memory than the previous version, has a new health monitoring dashboard and new menu bar interface. Owners of Clean My Mac 2 can currently upgrade with 50% off.
Clean My Mac 3 - New UI Yosemite

Running the app for the first time you are presented with a handy short guide and then you should be ready for the first scan. As I was a previous owner of Clean My Mac 2 it had badges on my first run highlighting new features in version 3.

Clean My Mac 3 scans your computer for junk files, unnecessary language files and more to recover space on your Mac. There are new junk files types that can now be scanned and removed improving the amount of memory you can reclaim including Mail Attachments. Often your Mac saves extra copies of attachments when you open an email that has company logos and more that are not important. On my first scan I checked what had been selected and was happy to press the clean button. This feature closely resembles the data that Macpaw’s app called Gemini reclaims, if you already own Gemini you can already clean Mail Attachment junk without Clean My Mac 3.
Clean My Mac 3 - Mail Attachments
Another new feature is the useful Dashboard view. Here you get a summary of your Mac with available storage on your partitions, remaining battery, battery health, processor usage and the ability to free up RAM memory which is really powerful and simple to use. The Dashboard can also be accessed by a Menu Bar icon at the top of the screen for convenience the app does not have to be open.
Clean My Mac 3 - Dashboard
If you want to try it out before buying you can, as shown in the screenshot below you can do a scan and reclaim the first 500mb. From there you can upgrade if you wish and keep all the features.
Clean My Mac 3 - Free trial
As you can see below I cleaned up 1.64 GB on my Mac, this was a scan straight after a clean using Clean My Mac 2. There is a clear improvement in the new version with more junk files found. I found the first scan takes significantly longer than any scan made after that, I am impressed that Clean My Mac 3 is even quicker to scan and remove than version 2.
Clean My Mac 3 - Memory reclaim
Clean My Mac 3 is the best app I have tried that delivers an easy to use all in one Mac maintenance & optimiser.
Not an essential upgrade for Clean My Mac 2 owners, but there is a marked improvement over version 2, currently 50% off for upgrades.

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