Chipolo - Track and find you belongings with your iPhone

Most people are familiar with Find My iPhone which can help you find your phone, but what about all of your other belongings?
Chipolo tag review tracker bluetooth
Chipolo is a BlueTooth tracker that you can pair with your iPhone and attach to anything you would like to keep track of. Pair your Chipolo to your phone with the free Chipolo app and then you can keep it tracked within 200ft distance using Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.0 connection.

The main features of Chipolo are:
  • Ring Chipolo from your phone and locate your item by sound
  • Use Chipolo app to see where you last had your item. If the item is lost, activate community search.
  • Shake Chipolo to make your phone ring (even if it's on silent) or check its location online, using the web app.

What I found impressive is that the app tells you roughly how far you are away from your Chipolo in real time. As you walk closer and closer the description changes until you are 'Close at hand'. This helps you a lot to find the right room you left your item in. Share your Chipolo with multiple users if you desire.
Chipolo free app tracker
Chipolo can make a beep to help you find it. The sound is loud enough in most cases it is stated to be as high as 90dB.

If you lose your Chipolo tracked item, your Chipolo app should indicate where it was on the map when it last was in range of your phone. This is really useful if you have left it at work for example. Optionally turn on Geofencing so when you walk out of the range you will get a notification on your phone and sound. React instantly if your bag is stolen when you are not looking!
Chipolo map last seen lost community
Chipolo very generously comes with 2 included watch batteries. Each last up to 6months and are replaceable. Also included is an instruction guide and keychain.

There is a 30day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty so there is no reason not to try it. Personally I feel Chipolo is a very thorough tracker that does everything you need it to.

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