Logic3 TopDrive - A cheap midrange wheel for Project Cars

With the release of Project Cars there has been a strong resurgence in interest for PC Steering Wheels. If you check out the Project Cars 'Beyond Reality' page you can check an extensive list of officially support wheels, these wheels however will easily set you back £150 - £450. The good news is Project Cars can support custom wheels as well which means you can actually choose any manufacturer. Keep reading for my review of the Logic3 TopDrive Wireless RF (3-in-1) Steering Wheel in Project Cars!
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CyberGhost 5 - Easy & secure VPN (Free & Premium tiers)

With increasing concern about privacy and security on the internet it is worth investigating ways of staying protected. One such method is to use a VPN. Keep reading to find out how easy it is to set up a VPN on a Mac for free.
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