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The perfect home media setup — ReadyNAS 102 running Plex on the new AppleTV

The new 4th generation AppleTV is here… but what can you do with it? Here I outline a very easy & inexpensive way to seamlessly stream your media content from a hard drive to the AppleTV… keep reading!
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Easy yet versatile security for all — Arlo Wire-Free Security System

Protecting your home or business with all the property inside can be distressing, having security is important for peace of mind. The easiest way to provide security and discourage potential thieves is by using security cameras. Keep reading for more…!
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The best AirPrint printers of 2015

If you are looking for the convenience of printing from an iPad or iPhone it is worth investing in an AirPrint enabled printer. Unfortunately many older printers do not work with iDevices without work around programs. An AirPrint printer requires not setup and means you can print without booting up a computer to relay the print!
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