Easy yet versatile security for all — Arlo Wire-Free Security System

Protecting your home or business with all the property inside can be distressing, having security is important for peace of mind. The easiest way to provide security and discourage potential thieves is by using security cameras. Keep reading for more…!
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Hidrate Spark — Smart water bottle review

We are a few months into 2017 — the year of the "smart home". There is an ongoing shakeup in the tech industry towards smart-ifiying everyday devices that up to now have never received the treatment. Here we review Hidrate Spark 2.0 a smart water bottle originally funded via Kickstarter and is now available for general purchase. Do you need a smart water bottle in your life? Keep on reading to find out more!
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All time 25 best iPhone & iPad games

I have owned an iPhone since the iPhone 3G and had an iPad for 2 years now. During my time collected and played a lot of games! Here is my personal roundup of my favourite and best regarded games for iOS, some you may know but I hope some will be new for you…
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Misfit Shine - A unique fitness & sleep monitor with a minimalist design

With the explosion of fitness wearable's in the last two years it's hard to actually choose one with multiple manufacturers and models available. Now the smart watch market is starting to mature, a new fitness monitor has caught my interest, check out my review of the Misfit Shine.
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SteelSeries Stratus XL - A console quality MFI controller (iOS & Mac)

When the Made for iPhone (MFI) Program was released I had high expectations for gaming controllers coming to the market. After numerous rushed controllers were designed as a case for iPhone 5 only I felt there was no controller that cut it for me. An exciting new wireless controller by SteelSeries took my eye, a premium wireless controller for iPhone, iPad, iPod & Mac! I couldn't wait to try it out.
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The best AirPrint printers of 2015

If you are looking for the convenience of printing from an iPad or iPhone it is worth investing in an AirPrint enabled printer. Unfortunately many older printers do not work with iDevices without work around programs. An AirPrint printer requires not setup and means you can print without booting up a computer to relay the print!
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