Hidrate Spark — Smart water bottle review

We are a few months into 2017 — the year of the "smart home". There is an ongoing shakeup in the tech industry towards smart-ifiying everyday devices that up to now have never received the treatment. Here we review Hidrate Spark 2.0 a smart water bottle originally funded via Kickstarter and is now available for general purchase. Do you need a smart water bottle in your life? Keep on reading to find out more!
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Best accessories for the touchbar MacBook Pro with USB-C / Thunderbolt 3

The MacBook Pro 2016 has finally arrived! Although it has received it's fair share of criticism there is no denying that Apple's new machine is still the best laptop you can buy. Since using the new MacBook Pro with TouchBar I have to say I personally love it and find it very useful yet it certainly is not an essential feature. The move to USB-C is also a welcomed move as only Apple are willing to take the risk of dropping legacy ports for the adopting the new standard. Here I have compiled a top five accessories list to complement the new MacBook Pro 2016.
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Best holiday 2016 gift guide for men (who like the odd gadget)

With Black Friday passing us by and Xmas adverts appearing on every TV channel now is the time you need to start thinking about getting those gifts. I personally find gift buying easy for myself, to me from me, but impossible for others so I have collated a small list of gift ideas to spur some inspiration. This list features the best gifts for a man who can never have too many trendy accessories & gadgets, enjoy! Read More…

[Indiegogo] ODDIO - The future of headphones?

Here we highlight a new Indiegogo campaign that is live now and looking for backers. Meet ODDIO that has a bold vision to be The First Modular Audio Platform.
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Chipolo - Track and find you belongings with your iPhone

Most people are familiar with Find My iPhone which can help you find your phone, but what about all of your other belongings?

Read about our review of Chipolo.
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iPad stylus Bamboo vs Adonit? Each to their own

There is increasing demand for iPad styluses as attempt to make it more of a Pro device! Using a stylus can dramatically improve your drawing or make note taking more fun. Here is a list of the best iPad styluses some featuring palm-rejection and some not.

Bamboo / Adnonit are regarded the best stylus makers - which one should you get?
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Hands on with the best iPhone 6S accessories of 2015

The iPhone 6S is here and, luckily for us, it is fully compatible with most accessories from the last year's iPhone 6. For new 6S owners it can be hard to decide which accessories are actually worth getting. Check out my best iPhone 6S accessories list below which I hope will help you in your search…
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The MiniDrive - Increase your MacBook storage without an external drive

The main limitation of laptops over desktop computers is the difficulty and expense of upgrading them. There is an alternative however, a new storage drive called The MiniDrive can permanently increase your storage very cheaply and without relying on external drives. Read on to find out more…
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Misfit Shine - A unique fitness & sleep monitor with a minimalist design

With the explosion of fitness wearable's in the last two years it's hard to actually choose one with multiple manufacturers and models available. Now the smart watch market is starting to mature, a new fitness monitor has caught my interest, check out my review of the Misfit Shine.
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Cablox - Effortless cable management

How do you get into cable management and sort out that mess under the table? I have seen some photos of setups using hundreds of cable ties but it has always looked too tedious. I came across Cablox on KickStarter and it caught my eye as a unique way of cable management. Once my delivery came and I was super excited to have a crack at it.
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tabtag - A premium & reusable MacBook decal

After much searching I found a funded Kickstarter project called tabtag that caught my eye. There are 40 great decal designs on offer and most importantly they are reusable. I couldn’t wait to try one out (or two) out and I was certainly not disappointed!
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Great ideas for personalising your Mac

I can confirm by experience that the saying ‘once you go mac you never go back’ is true. Customisation of a Mac is a way for you to apply a bit of creativity and make your Mac your own. If you are out of ideas for a gift Mac accessories are also perfect for an Apple Mac fan. Here is a short list of great ways to customise or personalise a Mac:
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