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When I got my new computer desk, and had to move it around the room since, it's always a race to get plugged in and get playing again. Whilst I'm quite good at keeping my table tidy, down by my feet and behind my computer was a big cable mess. I needed some cable management, I often check out r/Battlestations but couldn't find much, I think cables are generally overlooked.

So how do you get into cable management and sort out that mess under the table? I have seen some photos of setups using hundreds of cable ties but it has always looked too tedious. I came across Cablox on KickStarter and it caught my eye as a unique way of cable management. Once my delivery came and I was super excited to have a crack at it.

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Cablox - Under table bend cables setup

Cablox is a Danish design cable management solution that is both simple and quaint. It is essentially a plastic mesh with pegs on that you can weave and hold cables in place. Cables are managed by keeping them out of sight on the underside of your table. On the underside of the Cablox is an adhesive backing that is very strong, if you don't press too hard you can easily peel the Cablox back off and adjust the placement which is great.

There are two sizes of Cablox available:
Cablox (10cm x 10cm with 8 rows of 8 pegs) 2 per pack
Cablox mini (10 x 3 x 2cm with 2 rows of 8 pegs) 3 per pack

Both types come in 2 different colours: white & black.

The number of possibilities you can run a cable through Cablox is enormous, each line of pegs can hold multiple cables stacked on top of each other going off in different directions. The size of cable also does not matter, from large PC power cables to thin mice cables, Cablox fits and works perfectly with all. A significant plus for using Cablox is that it is extremely easy to attach and detach cables from it, any computer setup will not stay the same for long, if you get a new mouse for example it does not mean destroying your cable management too!

I found I needed some inspiration in order to get the most of out of the Cablox, unfortunately there is no guide/instruction booklet with them, I ended checking out my friend's setups to get some inspiration and you can see my setup in the images below (Update* Jon's setup at bottom of page).

I found Cablox was great at redirecting cables, as you can see in this photo my Monitor power cable has being directed to the back on the table where it is needed.

The mini Cablox are essential for computer cable management, they are the perfect size to have on the flat edge of a desk. I had my cables to my peripherals running along the back of my desk completely out of view.
Cablox Mini
If a cable is too long you can shorten it by making it loop around in the Cablox, this means there will be no hanging wires that look messy or get in the way.
Cablox - Shorten cables
The result: No messy cables! Since my PC case is big I have keep it on the floor which is not ideal, having Cablox however I am proud of my neat setup!

I did all this with just 1 pack of Cablox and 1 pack of Cablox mini. I am tempted to get another pack of Cablox mini however and have my charging cables run around the left side of my desk.

I said earlier I needed inspiration from my friend's setups, here are photos of Jon's cable management below, and see Jon's Battlestation in the image portfolio. Cheers Jon!
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