tabtag - A premium & reusable MacBook decal

MacBook shell decals have become increasingly popular with Apple dedicating an entire advert to customising your MacBook. I have spent countless hours searching on the internet for these decals. Many were interesting designs but I just couldn’t find one quite good enough to bite. Most of the decals on the market are cheap stickers that are single use only.

My high standards for a MacBook decal were:
  • Impressive decal design that makes use of the MacBook Apple logo light
  • Decals that are premium in quality and reusable - I am able to swap decals without having to throw them away
  • Both fun decal designs for home and professional designs for work

After much searching I found a funded Kickstarter project called tabtag (kickstart link) that caught my eye. There are 40 great decal designs on offer and most importantly they are reusable. I couldn’t wait to try one out (or two) out and I was certainly not disappointed!

tabtag has arrived

Here are the two tabtag's I received in the post, they came packaged in a neat fold out sleeve. Simple instructions are on the inside for applying the decal to the MacBook shell and how to easily remove and reuse it.

Here is an impressive close-up of the decal itself. The tag’s are impressively rigid and made out of a durable plastic. The design has a letterpress like design emphasising the camera lens shape.
Applying the decal was super easy, using the small pull-out tab to hold, simply stick it over the Apple logo and done. Slightly off centre? No problem take it back off and have another try it doesn’t lose stickiness.
tabtag easy to applyIMG_0070
Camera by tabtag

tabtag have two main types of decal, dark and white. Camera is one of the dark tags that displays really impressive colours using the Apple logo light.

To see the colour of the camera decal in action, below I change the MacBook brightness and you can see how it affects the light through the decal
Egg Sunny Side Up by tabtag

Here is a fun and quite bizare white tag design, the fried egg, this one turned some heads I love it!

tabtag MacBook camera reuseable decal from Marcus Griffiths on Vimeo.

What if I have a better idea? Design your own custom tabtag

There are 40 designs currently on tabtag and I expect many more will be released in the future. You can also create your own custom tabtag for true personalisation of your Mac. Custom tabtag’s are great for businesses too, your company logo can stand out instead of advertising Apple!
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