All time 25 best iPhone & iPad games

I have owned an iPhone since the iPhone 3G and had an iPad for 2 years now. During my time collected and played a lot of games! Here is my personal roundup of my favourite and best regarded games for iOS, some you may know but I hope some will be new for you:

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1. Infinity Blade III - Chair Entertainment Group, LLC

iPhone + iPad with single purchase
My favourite iOS game series - unparalleled graphics, action and a great storyline. With free updates as well Infinity Blade keeps you coming back for more.

If you have the time and will enjoy following the whole story through I would start playing from the beginning and read the books too they are great:
  1. Start by playing through Infinity Blade 1
  2. Read the first Infinity Blade book Infinity Blade: Awakening which bridges the events between game 1 and 2
  3. Play Infinity Blade 2
  4. Read the second book Infinity Blade: Redemption that bridge the events between game 2 and 3
  5. Play Infinity Blade 3
  6. Or for the latest graphics and gameplay just jump in and start playing Infinity Blade 3!
IB3 - ingame

2. Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous - One Man Left

iPhone + iPad with single purchase
A really unique game that requires fast and steady reactions to dodge swarming red dots. The red dots can merge & become larger enemies. With the use of power ups kill the little red dots and rack up a score multiplier to get on the leaderboards! Tilt to Live 1 set the high standards so check that one out too!
Tilt to Live 2 - Ingame

3. Jetpack Joyride - Halfbrick Studios

iPhone + iPad free game
A fast paced free game by Half Brick, the makers of Fruit Ninja! Dodge the ever more difficult obstacles and collect coins to upgrade your character. Fun for free what more do you want?
Jetpack ingame

4. Jetpack Joyride - Halfbrick Studios">Touchgrind Skate 2 - Illusion Labs

iPhone + iPad with single purchase
An intuitive game that has amazing touch controls that make it easy to play yet difficult to master! Ride a finger skateboard, do crazy tricks in this physics sandbox to unlock new boards and skateparks. Not much reason to get Touchgrind Skate 1, despite being a really great game on release the second version has improved in everyway with better camera controls, physics, graphics and online multiplayer!
Touchgrind 2 - Ingame

5. Minecraft - Mojang / Microsoft

iPhone + iPad with single purchase
Play the best selling indie PC game fully optimised for the iPhone and iPad! Dig, build and fight in a sandbox world with your friends using the Realms feature. Mojang are continually releasing free updates with new items and features that should make it an insta-buy for any iOS gamer. Now there is cross play between iOS and the Windows 10 version!
Games - Minecraft

6. Tiny Wings - Andreas Illiger

iPhone & iPad purchase separately
A simple but amazingly addictive game by Andreas Illiger, when it originally came out it got to number 1 and said there for months. Play by controlling the flight of a little bird and skilfully use the hilltops to slingshot fast and far to stay out of the darkness.

8. Labyrinth 2 - Illusion Labs

iPhone & iPad purchase separately
A great modern take of the classic Labyrinth board game. Truly demonstrates how great the accelerometer is on the iPhone & iPad. Labyrinth 2 graphics are amazing and have crazy cannons and obstacles that make it fun. A great feature is that you can create your own mazes in the app using the builder and share them online, also download community level packs from other builders so never stop playing!
Games - Labyrinth

9. The Simpsons Tapped Out - Electronic Arts

iPhone & iPad free app
This is the most fun and involving builder game I have come across. Effectively all items can be bought with in game currency although it is a grind fest the Simpsons characters make it worth playing this FTP game.

10. Real Racing 3 - Electronic Arts

iPhone & iPad free app
In my opinion truly the best mobile racing game! From Real Racing 1 I was hooked to the intuitive controls and fast yet accurate gameplay on an iPhone and iPad. No other racing game has cut it for me, the gameplay and graphics are top notch. With Real Racing 3 you race against other players and friends ‘ghosts’ in each game which you can crash into and beat which is a great feature.
Games - Real Racing

11. Flight Control Rocket - Electronic Arts

iPhone + iPad with single purchase
A new version of the classic casual iOS game Flight Control, becomes really addictive trying to beat that high score! Flight Control Rocket is a worthy sequel with a different pace and gameplay that you should try.
Games - Flight Control

12. Hearthstone - Blizzard / Activision

iPhone + iPad free app
Hearthstone is arguably the best iOS game released so far. Hearthstone is a deep eSports card game that even beaten Magic The Gathering from it's top spot. It The game is fully compatible online with the PC version and allows you to play on your shared account.

13. World of Goo HD - 2D BOY

iPhone + iPad with single purchase
World of Goo was originally a PC game that revived critical acclaim and was a indie game success. Now ported and optimised for iOS it is a great casual puzzle game that is really fun and quirky!
Games - World of Goo

14. Bejeweled Blitz - PopCap

iPhone + iPad free app
An iconic game and famous game for a good reason. Play for free in Blitz for the immediate hook to beat that high score. If you have friends who play it on Facebook is the best thing about it because it become very competitive to try and get to the top of the list! If you want to play an adventure mode you can purchase the standalone version Bejewelled.
Games - Bejewlled

15. Metal Slug series - SNK PLAYMORE

iPhone & iPad single purchase
This brought back fond memories of my favourite Arcade game. Metal Slug has been remastered for iOS so you can play to your hearts content!

16. Pool Bar: Online Hustle - Future Games of London

iPhone + iPad single purchase
I’ve played a fair few pool games on iOS and this is by far my favourite. The graphics are a great realistic feel you can play by yourself, play local multiplayer on one device with a friend or online multiplayer! If you prefer check Snooker Club as well.
Poolbar - ingame

17. Doodle God - JoyBits Ltd

iPhone + iPad single purchase
If you are looking for a fun laid back puzzle game check out Doodle God. Start by combining the elements and create life, and then continue finding things to combine to discover everything in the world.

18. Flick Golf Extreme! - Full Fat

iPhone + iPad single purchase
Who said golf can be boring? Hit, swipe and curl crazy shots and aim for that whole in one. With multiple courses and game modes Flock Golf Extreme! is a gem. For slightly less extreme golf try Flick Golf! instead.
Flick Golf - ingame

19. RAGE HD - id Software

iPhone + iPad single purchase
Here is a first-person shooter (FPS) by id Software the makers of Quake. Shoot mutants and targets as part of a game show to get the highest score. As the game is an on-rails design there is no movement keys to worry about just shoot!
Rage - ingame

20. Muffin Knight - Angry Mob Games

iPhone + iPad single purchase
‘... a game called Muffin Knight is in the list for top iOS games?’ Yes! Despite the name this game is very fun and has addictive gameplay. Play to unlock heroes and additional levels, play online or locally with a friend in this fast paced game.
Games - Muffin Knight

21. Carmageddon - Stainless Games

iPhone + iPad single purchase
This is another classic game brought to iOS. You can call this game technically a racing game, but there is a lot of road kill and destruction mixed in.

22. Crossy Road - HIPSTER WHALE

iPhone + iPad free app
Somebody finally reinvented Frogger and made it fun on the iOS store.

23. BADLAND & BADLAND 2 - Frogmind

iPhone + iPad single purchase
A very well designed game with amazing visuals and gameplay. Similar to the copter/falppy bird style games only 1 finger is required for tapping yet the gravity and complexity of the game is astounding especially on an iPad size screen.
BADLAND - ingame

24. The Room & The Room 2 - Fireproof Games

iPhone + iPad single purchase
A beautiful, challenging yet relaxing point and click game. A truly great game that is made better played with a touch device, try to open a series of boxes and treasure chests by using a 3D view! A great game that can be played with someone else such as family member who wouldn’t normally play video games.
The Room 2 - ingame

25. Crazy Taxi - Sega

iPhone + iPad single purchase
This game was famous from the Sega days. Crazy Taxi is a fast and fun game that keeps you coming back for more.

And finally…

GTA series - Rockstar

iPhone + iPad single purchase
AA quality games repackaged into an inexpensive port on iOS. If you have time to waste on the plane these games are near perfect compromises for not having your computer at hand.

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