Best holiday 2016 gift guide for men (who like the odd gadget)

With Black Friday passing us by and Xmas adverts appearing on every TV channel now is the time you need to start thinking about getting those gifts. I personally find gift buying easy for myself, to me from me, but impossible for others so I have collated a small list of gift ideas to spur some inspiration. This list features the best gifts for a man who can never have too many trendy accessories & gadgets, enjoy!

Goat Mug - Goat Story
Are you looking for a present for a coffee drinker and trying to think out of the box? If so check out Goat Mug as it will certainly turn a few heads! Goat Mug is a caffeine receptacle shaped like a Goat's horn. It is a Kickstarter funded project by Slovenain design company Goat Story. Why Goats you may ask? Apparently goats played a part in the invention of coffee in the 15th Century, who knew!

The product itself is a coffee tumbler / flask that is made from eco-friendly materials that are dishwasher safe, is 100% leak-proof and most importantly keeps your coffee hot. Goat Mug comes in 4 different colours, 2 different materials and 2 sizes which means you can select a combination that suits you. A horn shaped mug may appear to be 'design that impedes function' but Goat Mug comes with a clever leather or hemp material sleeve that can be reversed and used as a stand. That mean's you can actually put down a horn shaped mug down before drinking it all!

Additional accessories included are leather straps for buckling the Goat Mug to a rucksack or wearing over the shoulder. In terms of quality the plastic is BPA free and works great as a coffee mug but you may desire a stainless steel flask over plastic. Goat Mug comes beautifully presented in a Goat Story hemp bag which makes it a great gift. Overall Goat Mug is a fun and unique gift that is worth sharing with you all!
Goat Story Goat Mug unboxing review Goat Story Goat Mug unboxing review coffee

2. Tiny Arcade machine - TinyCircuts
I have always found that the best gifts on Christmas Day are the ones that keep you busy. Whether it is a puzzle or gift that needs to be build, spending time with family on a shared project is always fun. Here we have one such gift called Tiny Arcade that is perfect for anyone with an interest of games & gadgets. Tiny Arcade by Tiny Circuits is literally what is says on the tin, a miniature size and fully functional Arcade Machine, which is ready loaded with free open-source games to play.

Tiny Arcade is a kit with everything inside ready to be assembled. All the components inside for building the arcade machine are plug and play.. no soldering required! Inside you will find perspex jigsaw pieces ready and instructions for assembling the machine with the components. Most of the time spent with the assembly will be the perspex Arcade Machine box, the perspex cleverly slots together and holds strong without needing glue. I found assembly to be relatively easy (but fiddly) and will keep you busy for a good 20 minutes from start to finish. I would expect under12s would require parental help but a group challenge will make it all the more fun. To make the Arcade Machine a finished produc it can be decorated with the included stickers and then used to play with or decorate your computer desk!

The fact that Tiny Arcade is a fully functional Arcade machine is amazing. The tiny A & B buttons plus working joystick mean that it is capable of playing the majority of simple arcade machine games. Despite being tiny the display is impressively bright and clear to play on and 8-bit sound works great too. There are 3 included games on the removable SD card. The SD card itself can be used to add any other supported game onto the arcade! Check out the Tiny Arcade game website for more free games to download here!
Tiny Arcade Tinycircuits machine review Tiny Arcade Tinycircuits kit assembly guide

3. On The Rock Glass - Final Touch
Enjoy the festivities in style with On The Rock Glass by Final Touch! If you know anything about your whiskeys, then you know the number one rule is not to add ice to your single malt! If you have ever had to make the difficult choice between drinking whiskey at room temperature or adding ice which dilutes your drink, there is a solution. With Rock Glass you can still chill your drink but instead of ice using a Stainless steel ball.

The deluxe gift set includes a premium drinking glass, stainless steel ball, base for ball, ball tongs with brief instructions. The ball is put into the base and placed in the freezer for 4 hours or more to get cold enough. Once ready you can use the tongs to pick up the steel ball to place in the Rock Glass. I found the tongs were a bit stiff to pick up the ball initially but it was secure with no chance of the ball falling from the tongs under normal use. Pour your favourite beverage over the ball into the glass and swirl around the drink a bit and then leave for 2mins to cool. The ball and glass were designed to work together, the shape and size of the ball allows it to slim around the edge of the Rock Glass, the ball motion increases the nosing of aurora of the drink which adds to the experience. Since the drinkware set is made of premium materials rest assured that it is built to last after multiple washing. Do you need the Rock Glass to enjoy drinking? The simple answer is no but Rock Glass goes above the normal drinking experience which still makes it worth buying!

On The Rock Glass deluxe edition comes in a smart presentation box which makes it perfect as a gift. Couple the Rock Glass present with a single malt whiskey and it will be impossible to not be impressed!

4. Sabaj A1 DAC - Sabaj
This is for the audiophiles out there. A digital to analogue converter (DAC) could be a useful additional to a media setup for improving audio quality & control. Since most computers & laptops have poor inbuilt sound cards a DAC can improve audio quality for your existing speakers & headphones. If you own USB headphones however then these already have sound cards built in to them so a DAC is less useful for you.

Sabaj A1 is a premium quality DAC that has a sleek LED volume display and well weighted volume knob on the front. It supports two inputs 3.5mm and RCA input. The build quality and appearance makes it a pleasure to use and an ideal gift for anyone who could use a boost to their audio setup.
Sabaj DAC A1 reviewSabaj DAC A1 unboxing

5. MICRO SS - Slimfold wallet
Back to another Kickstarter funded project, this time Micro SS slim fold wallet, which is actually the thinest wallet I have ever seen. For comparison check out the second image below with a normal sized leather wallet! Micro SS is made from a specially designed synthetic material that is both durable and waterproof, and of course impressively thin. After using the wallet for a few days to me it feels more like a card wallet than a true wallet since there really isn't enough room for coins, maybe for a few, but will require some getting used to for daily use.

For traveling light however it is perfect! Despite all best intensions for not hoarding cards & coins it is hard avoid a bulky wallet. Normal wallets often bulge in jean pockets and stretch after daily use. Also with slim style jeans sometimes it is impossible to even get a wallet into a pocket! Once you start using slimfold wallet you will realise that half of the rubbish in a wallet is not needed on a daily basis. Initially the slimfold wallet material may feel quite cheap in comparison to a leather wallet but when taking into account the function it makes perfect sense.

I expect slimfold wallet could replace the conventional wallet for many, or at least be a useful alternative when travelling. Or maybe you are looking to challenge yourself and clear out your wallet contents!
Micro SS Slimfold wallet reviewMicro SS Slimfold wallet size comparison smal

6. GINA - A Smart Coffee Instrument
Finally for our gift list I leave you with a current Kickstarter project. From the makers of Goat Mug we have an ambitious project for making a home coffee brewer that weighs, grinds and pours your barista quality coffee all in one! The project has already reached it's required funding and so you can get in early before the product is realised. GINA won't be shipping before Xmas but that shouldn't hold you back, part of the fun of a Kickstarter project is preorder at Kickstarter backer discount and follow the dev updates from idea to finished product. What makes GINA unique is that it can do everything from coffee beans to immersion coffee brew... except for boiling water. The promised iOS integration will make any gadget fan drool over weighing out perfect measures of coffee beans, waster & milk over Bluetooth! Go and support GINA now!

Good present ideas you would like to share with us? Post below in the comments!

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