Hands on with the best iPhone 6S accessories of 2015

The iPhone 6S is here and, luckily for us, it is fully compatible with most accessories from the last year's iPhone 6. For new 6S owners it can be hard to decide which accessories are actually worth getting. Check out my best iPhone 6S accessories list below which I hope will help you in your search:

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1. Techlink ReCharge (Portable charger for iPhone 6S)

If you go camping for a music festival it's a sad fact that your iPhone battery will not last the whole weekend, even when used sparingly. Instead of being battery conscious it is worth checking out portable mobile chargers as a convenient and inexpensive way of getting extra juice.

The Techlink ReCharge is an ultra thin 5000 mAh battery that can be used for daily charging when out & about. The ReCharge is powerful enough to fully charge your iPhone 6S for 0% to 100% with plenty of battery remaining for a second charge. Impressively there is no noticeable difference in recharging speed between mains power or the ReCharge. Also there is no need to remember cables as the Techlink ReCharge has a cleverly hidden charging cable built into the corner of the battery. A free soft leather case is included which is handy for keeping the battery with the cable for charging the battery itself.
Techlink Recharge battery iPhone 6S Lightning

2. Everdock Duo by Fuzdesigns (The only phone dock you will ever need)

If you have invested in an iPhone 6S why not display it proudly at your desk? An iPhone 6S dock is a very useful accessory for keeping your phone in view to answer calls & check email when at work or home. An iPhone dock is also super convenient for keeping your iPhone charged when at the desk.

The Everdock Duo is a premium mobile dock that fits almost any device, from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy & even as large as an iPad. The beauty of the Everdock is that the slot sizes are modular which means the dock is an investment and will be compatible with the next phone down the line. Don't be fooled into buying the cheapest iPhone dock you can find it will most probably be more annoying than useful. The most important quality for a phone dock is the sturdiness when connecting or disconnecting the phone. The Everdock has a very nice weight to it and a sticky surface for securing to the table, connecting or removing your iPhone single handily shouldn't be taken for granted it is a luxury you get with Everdock! There is a hint in the name, Everdock Duo has two docks for simulations charging, it is satisfying having my iPad setup behind my iPhone 6S.
Everdock Duo by Fuzdesigns iPhone 6Sindex.php-32

3. iPhone Dust Plugs by TheFoneStuff (Extremely inexpensive dust protection)

Here is an extremely cheap option to protect your iPhone 6S from dust. For just £1.99 the iPhone Dust Plugs by TheFoneStuff are plastic moulds that cover the headphone jack and lightning cable slot. These moulds are not compatible with all cases it depends if the headphone slot and lightning cable are not covered.
iPhone 6S Dust Plugs by TheFoneStuff.jpeg

4. Pluggy Lock by Erasnep (Premium twist-lock magnetic plugs)

The Pluggy Lock is a premium dust protector for iPhone 6S by Erasnep. The project was successfully funded through Kickstarter and now widely available for purchase. The unique feature of Pluggy is the patented twist-lock design into the headphone jack. The plug is tightened with a few twists and loosened in the same way. The strength of the twist lock is remarkable, you can confidently attach your iPhone to a Lanyard and the Pluggy Lock can freely hold the iPhone.

There are two types of Pluggy Lock to choose from, the cheaper plastic version that includes a cap holder which can attach to the EarPod cable, and the Ambassador lock (my favourite) made from a chromed aluminium with a magnetic cap. Each Pluggy version has a variety of colour options to choose from. Personally I feel the Ambassador lock is worth the extra as the magnetic cap is extremely useful to ensure you don't loose the plug. I use the cap as a key fob on my MacBook case.
Pluggy Lock by Erasnep iPhone 6SPluggy Lock by Erasnep styles types colours

5. 4th Gen AppleTV (The best thing about ATV is AirPlay with iPhone)

The 4th Gen AppleTV is here and the single best part feature is AirPlay support with the iPhone. Before getting my AppleTV I used to plug my MacBook in with a HDMI cable to watch iPlayer. Now with AirPlay I can conveniently beam any video content from my iPhone and the video quality is superb.
4th Gen AppleTV new remote

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