The MiniDrive - Increase your MacBook storage without an external drive

The main limitation of laptops over desktop computers is the difficulty and expense of upgrading them. Laptops go out of date fast and normally easier to buy a new one rather than upgrade. Apple MacBook's are notorious for their expense and lack of upgrade options. When buying a MacBook, you have to choose your fixed storage size, if you need more storage 6 months later however you will have to delete files or rely on an external storage drive which is an inconvenience. There is an alternative however, a new storage drive called The MiniDrive can permanently increase your storage very cheaply and without relying on external drives. Read on to find out more…
The MiniDrive MacBook SD card adapter
The MiniDrive is essentially a tiny microSD adapter case that can very conveniently increase the storage space of any MacBook with an SD card slot. The beauty of the MiniDrive is that the adapter is designed to be completely hidden inside the SD card slot and you will forget it is there. There is no need to disconnect the MiniDrive even when you go out so you can keep it inside your MacBook and enjoy the extra memory space.

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The MiniDrive MacBook SD card hidden inserted
When buying a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air the price cost for upgrading the storage from 256gb to 512gb is £240 which is extortionate. It is difficult to make that choice as well when you do not know how much space you will need 6 months down the line. The alternative is to go for the cheaper 256gb option and get a MiniDrive which allows you inexpensively upgrade your storage space when you need it.
The MiniDrive MacBook SD card unboxing.jpeg
The MiniDrive comes as just the adapter so you will also need to get hold of a microSD. You may already have a spare one lying around in an old digital camera but if not they are cheap at £17.25 for a 64gb Samsung Evo MicroSD or the 32gb version for just a tenner. You can go large with a 128gb MicroSD but it's up to you whether if it's worth the extra expense.

Other great uses of the MiniDrive are:
  • A portable Time Machine backup drive. Setting it up is very easy and it means you have access to your backups all the time. Size constraints may require you to only backup your Documents rather than the whole system.
  • iTunes folder save location so you can save space on your MacBook by moving your multimedia on the MiniDrive

Check out the YouTube video below showing you the MiniDrive in action.

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