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This is NU-GADGET.com. A showcase for the best apps, games & consumer electronics that matter…

It all started with a childhood of playing Doom & Unreal Tournament. Marcus is proudly ‘PC Master Race’ & has a keen eye for tech.

Before NU-GADGET, Marcus started writing exclusively for iOS apps during the app store explosion of 2012. With 6 years of experience and a new rebrand, NU-GADGET now is a premier for reviews of consumer electronics, software and technology.

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We are very grateful to all of our sponsors for providing products for review. All reviews are strictly unbiased and represent NU-GADGET reviewer's personal experience with the product.
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Don’t forget to check out the portfolio to see some of the featured PC BattleStations, both from our readers and ourselves. Want to be featured? We look forward to hearing from you!