Logitech Z533 Speakers & Bluetooth audio adapter

Thought I'd share my new speaker purchase which is an update to my PC setup. Have a look at my desk setup with the new Logitech Z533 speaker set & subwoofer…
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144 hz - High frame rate monitors are the new standard for PC gaming

I took the plunge with a monitor upgrade last week and have since released 60 hz monitors don’t cut it anymore.
Keep reading to discover the benefits of 144 hz monitors and why you should get one...
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Cablox - Effortless cable management

How do you get into cable management and sort out that mess under the table? I have seen some photos of setups using hundreds of cable ties but it has always looked too tedious. I came across Cablox on KickStarter and it caught my eye as a unique way of cable management. Once my delivery came and I was super excited to have a crack at it.
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Logitech C922 - 60fps webcam designed for streamers with background removal

A webcam is a pretty essential peripheral in a PC setup. From Skype calls to video recording or streaming on Twitch, a good quality webcam is worth buying as it can get daily use.

Logitech have released their brand new webcam, the C922, which is the successor to the highly regarded C920. The C922 comes with new features such as 1080p recording, the ability to record at 60 frames per second (fps) recording at 720p and there is an optional background removal green screen effect without having a green screen! The good news is that there are no hard PC requirements for using the C922, it is compatible with both Windows & Mac, the background removal is windows 7 or later only at present. The 60 fps recording makes a world of difference it may make streamers upgrade for that feature alone….
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This is why you should try the new Steam Controller

The Steam Controller is a bold departure from traditional game pads and has been the centre of fierce debate. There will however always be a market for gamepads as they are more convenient when playing in the lounge and more comfortable to use for particular games. PC gamers, keep on reading!
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The perfect home media setup — ReadyNAS 102 running Plex on the new AppleTV

The new 4th generation AppleTV is here… but what can you do with it? Here I outline a very easy & inexpensive way to seamlessly stream your media content from a hard drive to the AppleTV… keep reading!
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SteelSeries Siberia RAW Prism - An entry-level headset for PC gamers

The SteelSeries Raw Prism is an entry level gaming headset for PC, Mac & PS4, this is the first time SteelSeries have delved into the cheaper market for headsets, a hybrid of the iconic Prism & Siberia peripheral lines.

Keep reading for the full review…
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Logitech G303 - All-purpose optical gaming mouse with 12K DPI & RGB lighting

The G303 Daedalus Apex is the flagship wired gaming mouse from Logitech G. The G303 specs are impressive with an optical sensor DPI range between 200 and 12K with a polling rate of 1000hz which puts it ahead of competitor mice including the Deathadder with 10K DPI. Keep reading for full review…
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The future of VR is Open — HDK2 review

Virtual Reality is the biggest new venture in computing with the long awaited release of consumer VR headsets last year. The big names in VR at the moment are the VIVE, Oculus RIFT and PlayStation VR. These consumer headsets are remarkably expensive for first generation tech and being an early adopter is a big gamble when the direction of VR may change dramatically in the next few years. Platform and exclusivity wars are an additional hinderance for VR with Oculus or PSVR the culprits so far. Not all is doom and gloom however as there is a OpenVR standard for VR development called OSVR. Open standards for VR development are what will make VR flourish as content is not restricted to a given headset. Here we review an alternative HMD that is not constrained to platform or modification rules, keep reading for the what, how and why you should be considering the OSVR HDK2!
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Easy yet versatile security for all — Arlo Wire-Free Security System

Protecting your home or business with all the property inside can be distressing, having security is important for peace of mind. The easiest way to provide security and discourage potential thieves is by using security cameras. Keep reading for more…!
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TunesKit — Make offline backups for Apple Music content

Streaming is the most popular and accessible way to listen to music yet the number of competitive services can be daunting. For Apple fans the best experience is clearly Apple Music as it was designed primarily for iOS and MacOS. The trouble with music streaming however is that you are heavily dependent on internet access and DRM restricts access to certified devices. There are however third party services that get around the stringent security of the Apple Music protected .m4p music files so you can keep backups and play music on unofficial media players. Here we review TunesKit Apple Music Converter for MacOS.
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Hidrate Spark — Smart water bottle review

We are a few months into 2017 — the year of the "smart home". There is an ongoing shakeup in the tech industry towards smart-ifiying everyday devices that up to now have never received the treatment. Here we review Hidrate Spark 2.0 a smart water bottle originally funded via Kickstarter and is now available for general purchase. Do you need a smart water bottle in your life? Keep on reading to find out more!
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Best Touchbar enabled apps for MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro 2016 has finally arrived! Check out the best TouchBar apps so far…
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Best accessories for the touchbar MacBook Pro with USB-C / Thunderbolt 3

The MacBook Pro 2016 has finally arrived! Although it has received it's fair share of criticism there is no denying that Apple's new machine is still the best laptop you can buy. Since using the new MacBook Pro with TouchBar I have to say I personally love it and find it very useful yet it certainly is not an essential feature. The move to USB-C is also a welcomed move as only Apple are willing to take the risk of dropping legacy ports for the adopting the new standard. Here I have compiled a top five accessories list to complement the new MacBook Pro 2016.
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Best holiday 2016 gift guide for men (who like the odd gadget)

With Black Friday passing us by and Xmas adverts appearing on every TV channel now is the time you need to start thinking about getting those gifts. I personally find gift buying easy for myself, to me from me, but impossible for others so I have collated a small list of gift ideas to spur some inspiration. This list features the best gifts for a man who can never have too many trendy accessories & gadgets, enjoy! Read More…

Logic3 TopDrive - A cheap midrange wheel for Project Cars

With the release of Project Cars there has been a strong resurgence in interest for PC Steering Wheels. If you check out the Project Cars 'Beyond Reality' page you can check an extensive list of officially support wheels, these wheels however will easily set you back £150 - £450. The good news is Project Cars can support custom wheels as well which means you can actually choose any manufacturer. Keep reading for my review of the Logic3 TopDrive Wireless RF (3-in-1) Steering Wheel in Project Cars!
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Best Skyrim Special Edition Mods that already work

It’s 2016 and it's time to start Skyrim all once again... Mod support is the blood that runs through Bethesda games and is a large part for their success in the PC gaming scene. Download and mod your game using community mods, if you're feeling adventurous you can make and share your own.

The easiest way to get started is to head to the website Nexus Mods and download the Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) that installs and uninstalls mods very intuitively.

Keep reading for the best mods out now and useful console commands to get you going:
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How did you make this website? -with RapidWeaver 7 of course!

I have personally reviewed each major version of RapidWeaver from 5 onwards and it brings me great pleasure to present you RapidWeaver 7. RapidWeaver is a popular web design app for MacOS by UK software company RealMac Software. Version 7 is a major update that brings a lot of exciting new features & refinements that makes it a worthy purchase and a no brainer upgrade.

Keep reading for the full review…
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Chipolo - Track and find you belongings with your iPhone

Most people are familiar with Find My iPhone which can help you find your phone, but what about all of your other belongings?

Read about our review of Chipolo.
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Welcome to NU-GADGET v2.0!

After an accident with my MacBook I took the opportunity to redesign the website. I will detail an article with a step by step guide on how I made this site soon!

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All time 25 best iPhone & iPad games

I have owned an iPhone since the iPhone 3G and had an iPad for 2 years now. During my time collected and played a lot of games! Here is my personal roundup of my favourite and best regarded games for iOS, some you may know but I hope some will be new for you…
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Essential Mac OSX El Capitain apps for new users

If you have recently taken the leap from PC to Mac, or you are a Mac veteran looking for fresh apps to try, here is an essential list of apps you should seriously consider getting first.
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Check out my PC gaming rig! (2016)

I have always been a PC gamer at heart, console ‘peasants’ will never know what they are missing.
Cheaper & more variety of games, mods, better graphics, higher refresh rates, and of course the mouse & keyboard. Check out my rig below.
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iPad stylus Bamboo vs Adonit? Each to their own

There is increasing demand for iPad styluses as attempt to make it more of a Pro device! Using a stylus can dramatically improve your drawing or make note taking more fun. Here is a list of the best iPad styluses some featuring palm-rejection and some not.

Bamboo / Adnonit are regarded the best stylus makers - which one should you get?
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Hands on with the best iPhone 6S accessories of 2015

The iPhone 6S is here and, luckily for us, it is fully compatible with most accessories from the last year's iPhone 6. For new 6S owners it can be hard to decide which accessories are actually worth getting. Check out my best iPhone 6S accessories list below which I hope will help you in your search…
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CyberGhost 5 - Easy & secure VPN (Free & Premium tiers)

With increasing concern about privacy and security on the internet it is worth investigating ways of staying protected. One such method is to use a VPN. Keep reading to find out how easy it is to set up a VPN on a Mac for free.
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The MiniDrive - Increase your MacBook storage without an external drive

The main limitation of laptops over desktop computers is the difficulty and expense of upgrading them. There is an alternative however, a new storage drive called The MiniDrive can permanently increase your storage very cheaply and without relying on external drives. Read on to find out more…
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Misfit Shine - A unique fitness & sleep monitor with a minimalist design

With the explosion of fitness wearable's in the last two years it's hard to actually choose one with multiple manufacturers and models available. Now the smart watch market is starting to mature, a new fitness monitor has caught my interest, check out my review of the Misfit Shine.
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SteelSeries Stratus XL - A console quality MFI controller (iOS & Mac)

When the Made for iPhone (MFI) Program was released I had high expectations for gaming controllers coming to the market. After numerous rushed controllers were designed as a case for iPhone 5 only I felt there was no controller that cut it for me. An exciting new wireless controller by SteelSeries took my eye, a premium wireless controller for iPhone, iPad, iPod & Mac! I couldn't wait to try it out.
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The best AirPrint printers of 2015

If you are looking for the convenience of printing from an iPad or iPhone it is worth investing in an AirPrint enabled printer. Unfortunately many older printers do not work with iDevices without work around programs. An AirPrint printer requires not setup and means you can print without booting up a computer to relay the print!
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Clean My Mac 3 - Save space & maintain your Mac

A new version of MacPaw’s popular OSX Mac cleaning software has been released, Clean My Mac 3 is used to clean, provide maintenance and monitor the health of your Mac. Version 3 of Clean My Mac sports a new beautiful Yosemite influenced UI, reclaims more memory than the previous version, has a new health monitoring dashboard and new menu bar interface. Owners of Clean My Mac 2 can currently upgrade with 50% off.
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tabtag - A premium & reusable MacBook decal

After much searching I found a funded Kickstarter project called tabtag that caught my eye. There are 40 great decal designs on offer and most importantly they are reusable. I couldn’t wait to try one out (or two) out and I was certainly not disappointed!
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Great ideas for personalising your Mac

I can confirm by experience that the saying ‘once you go mac you never go back’ is true. Customisation of a Mac is a way for you to apply a bit of creativity and make your Mac your own. If you are out of ideas for a gift Mac accessories are also perfect for an Apple Mac fan. Here is a short list of great ways to customise or personalise a Mac:
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